Winning Angela – Incognito #3

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Incognito’s “submissive dominatrix,” Angela Patterson, juggles separate love lives with two men who hold keys to her heart.

Her wild side craves Garrett Storm. A sexy-as-sin hunk of a construction worker who is every submissives’ dream. He’s big, strong, rough, and domineering.

Then there’s sweet, gentle Blaine Worthington, a white-collar businessman with sophisticated tastes. He wines her and dines her, and in the bedroom will do anything and everything to please.

For a while, they fulfill her every fantasy, but when each man demands more commitment, her two separate worlds collide, and the competition for her heart ignites.


Catcalls and whistles peppered Angela Patterson as she walked past a half dozen construction workers toward the foreman’s trailer. Typical men, she thought with a smile, watching for any movement of the blinds in the window. There it was. He knew she was here.

Her heart raced with anticipation, and her steps lengthened as the lunch she carried for two swung in her right hand. She made it only as far as the first wooden step before the door opened to reveal Garrett Storm.

Aptly named, his dark eyes sparked like ominous thunderclouds. His thick jet-black hair, always a bit disheveled, fell to just below his collar. Stubble shadowed his chiseled features, giving him a sexy, bad-boy look that male cover models spent hours trying to achieve.

His well-worn jeans had a rip at the knee and molded over lean hips and powerful thighs. He wore a white muscle shirt tucked into the pants with a short-sleeve, blue-collared shirt over the top, which he left unbuttoned and hanging out. Her fingers itched to rip off the shirts so her eyes could feast on his tanned six-pack abs and biceps that only a skilled outdoor laborer could attain.

God, he’s gorgeous. And all mine.

With a broad grin, she held up the Chinese takeout. “Lunch is here.”

He flashed a pearly set of straight whites as he held the door open wide to let her in—one of the few gentlemanly things he ever did. But as soon as she was inside and the door clicked shut, the Garrett she knew and loved had her back pressed against the wall.

With one hand curled around her neck, he held her in place while his mouth stole her breath in a soul-searing kiss. Her heartbeat hammered under his fingers as his tongue dueled with and ultimately conquered hers.

When he finally pulled back, letting his thumb continue to caress her raging pulse, she could hardly get enough air to form a coherent word.

“You said…you…were hungry.”

“I am. For you.” His deep base rumble shook her foundations, and the Chinese takeout hit the floor as her arms swept around his broad shoulders.


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