The Happy Housewife

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Monique and Eddie have discussed their neighbor, Joe. They’ve shared their desires for him, talked about their fantasies. He’s a Nordic god who mows the lawn in nothing but a pair of shorts, spurring their lust.

Tonight, though, while Monique has plans only to take a quiet bubble bath while the kids are out of the house, Eddie brings Joe home. He’s only supposed to be a fantasy, but the reality is better than either of them had ever imagined.

Tiny bubbles popped, tickling Monique’s skin as she scooted lower into the steaming hot bathtub. With a sigh, she let the trashy romance novel fall from her left hand onto the floor, and she closed her eyes, taking a sip of the crisp, cold zinfandel in her right.

Finally, silence. Just the sound of Andre Bocelli’s sexy tenor floating in through the door from her bedroom. The kids were gone on overnight sleepovers, hubby was on a plane, and here she was, in her favorite place in the world.

“Calgon…take me away.”

She giggled to herself, took another sip of her wine, and laid her head back while lifting one foot onto the rim of the tub and curled her toes as those itty bitty bubbles popped and tingled along her freshly shaved flesh.

“So this is the life of the housewife.”

Monique yelped and sloshed water over the rim as she jerked into a sitting position and dropped her wine into the tub with her. “Damn it, Eddie, what the hell are you doing home? You’re supposed to be in Portland.”

Her husband leaned against the door frame, ankles crossed, arms crossed, and the hell if she could stay mad at a man who looked that good. All six foot three of milk chocolate muscle. His black slacks were a little wrinkled, and his white shirt wasn’t as crisp as it had been early that morning when he left for work, but with his sleeves rolled up showing off those sexy forearms, he looked good enough to eat.

He dropped his arms to his sides and ambled over to the tub, sat down on the edge, and reached into the water, covering her right breast. “Change of plans. The meeting in Portland was moved to next week.”

Monique shivered and her nipple puckered, causing her pussy to clench. Even after a decade of marriage, his hands could bring her body to life with just the simplest touch.

He pinched her nipple.

“Hay!” Slapping his hand away and covering her breast, she said, “What the hell?”

His eyes narrowed a little, his grin looking just a little sinister. He reached into the water again, his shirt sleeve getting wet, and tickled his fingers up her leg and between her thighs. “You shaved.”

“So? I always shave before I take a bath. You know that.” Her breath caught as his middle finger skimmed over her clit once, twice. She sank back and spread her legs, giving him access to her pussy.

One finger, then two invaded her cunt, and she moaned. She pinched her own nipple then, and dropped her eyes closed.

“What were you thinking about before I got home?” Eddie asked, curling his fingers upward and skimming her G-spot. “You’re wet.”

“I’m in the bath tub, silly,” she said with a little gust of laughter even as her skin tingled and her body raced toward grabbing the orgasm. “Of course I’m wet.”

He chuckled, the soft sound sexy. His thumb toyed with her clit even as his fingers rubbed that magic spot. She gasped, arched, reached for the release.

He pulled his hand away. “Get out of the tub. I have something for you.”

Monique growled. “What the fuck?

He laughed. “Just warming you up, baby.” He winked. “Come on. Get up.”

He stood and reached for her hand.

With a scowl and a good huff of frustration to let him know she wasn’t amused, she took his hand and stood up, her body covered in globs of bubbles.

Eddie grabbed the fluffy bath sheet from the back of the door and wrapped it around her, drying her. When she tried to wrap her arms around him and pull him into a kiss, he ducked and turned her, drying her back.

“What’s with you tonight, Ed? You’re acting weird.”

He kissed her shoulder, making her tingle. “Come on. I’ll show you.” Sliding his hand into hers, he tugged her toward the open door into the bedroom, her still slightly damp skin cool and prickling with goose bumps.

Monique jerked to a stop and jumped behind her husband when she glimpsed the man standing near the window in their bedroom. “Eddie…”

Eddie put his arm around her shoulders and physically urged her in front of him, even as she tried to jerk away and make a dash back to the safety of the bathroom. He wound up wrapping his arms around her, pinning her arms to her sides, and looking down into her face. “Stop fighting, baby.” He smiled that sexy smile that had made her fall in love with him so long ago. “Remember that thing we talked about last week? I had a talk with Joe, and he’s delighted with the idea.”

She glanced at Joe, the Nordic god who lived three houses down the street. Single father to a sweet fifteen-year-old girl who often babysat for their boys.

“That was between you and me,” she whispered to her husband. “A fantasy.” Her face heated when she remembered the night she and Eddie had a few too many margaritas and they shared with each other their thoughts about Joe. As tall as Eddie, but built like Thor all the way to the shoulder-length blond hair. She’d learned things about Eddie that night she still hadn’t quite processed. He was as attracted to their sinfully sexy neighbor as she was.

Joe came toward them, and she pressed up against her husband, trying in vain to hide some of her nudity, though she was sure he’d already seen it all when she sauntered into the bedroom. She wasn’t shy in her nudity…around her husband.

“Monique,” he said in a soft, southern drawl that always made her melt. “One word is all it takes, but I do not think ‘no’ is what you will be screaming tonight.”

A shiver ran through her, and all her bits seemed to swell, tighten and tingle.

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