Taming Tara – Incognito #11

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Tara Knight searched for her dominating Marine for months but couldn’t find him. Now she has a secret admirer who challenges her limits and lets her soar. If he’d only show her his face…

Sean Lassiter, Incognito’s new mystery Dom, Master Enigma, can’t believe his Tara has dropped into his lap after he’d been unable to locate her after his final military deployment overseas. Now that she’s back under his control and vowing to be the submissive slave he’s always fantasized about possessing, he has to find the balance between his new job and the woman of his heart.


“Welcome back,” Mistress Katriona said as soon as Tara Knight stepped through the front door of Incognito. The club had reopened a couple of weeks ago after being rebuilt because of an arson fire that all but ruined the holidays. The red brick façade looked so familiar upon her arrival tonight, it made her feel at home, even though the interior appeared drastically different.

“Thank you, Mistress.” She risked the pop of Kat’s riding crop to break from decorum and look around the elegant, candle-lit foyer. They’d opted for a more oval shape to the space this time, higher ceilings and a trompe l’oeil mural that made for an impressive entry. “Wow. It’s really good to be back.” She glanced over Kat’s left shoulder to see the club’s co-owner, Kat’s husband. “Master Dalton.”

He gave her a welcome smile. “We missed you at the grand opening.”

Tara lowered her gaze as was expected of all submissives, claimed and stray alike.

The ceremony occurred two weekends ago. She’d meant to attend, should have been here, but ever since the fire and then what happened on New Year’s Eve…

“I’m sorry. I was…otherwise detained.”

“Well,” Kat said with a smile, gesturing her toward a set of French doors and the refurbished main hall, “you’re here now. Connie is also inside, by the way. I’m sure she’ll be pleased to see you.”

With a genuine smile, Tara nodded and headed into the depths of the club.

The main hall, she discovered, was much larger than before. They must’ve knocked out a few walls to enable the expansion. The bar was now located off to her right, just inside the room, and took up the whole end of the space. Tables dotted the area nearest the bar, and plush furniture—ottomans and settees—lined the walls to form quaint little sitting areas for conversation or other more sensual activities.

She wove through the people—some familiar, others not—in search of her lifelong friend. It had been a while since she’d last seen Constance Monroe, which was her own fault. She should’ve tried harder to stay in touch with her best friend, and all of her club acquaintances now that she thought of it. But, after the fire, that had proven difficult. The club was a central part of their lives, the hub of safe and sensual escapades. When it temporarily closed, everyone seemed to scatter into their own worlds for a while—herself included.

Besides, Tara knew Connie was preoccupied now, what with her two sexy Doms, Alex and Tyrone, controlling her every free moment. Their days of trolling the club together as strays were gone, which was another reason Tara had found it hard to keep in touch and even return to Incognito.

Nothing was the same since the new year began. Her best friend was collared, the fetish club they frequented had been rebuilt from the ashes, and like a deluded idiot, she’d been searching bars and nightclubs all over the area for a guy she hadn’t seen since the clock struck midnight about seven months ago.

Tara sighed and slid past a couple engaged in fellatio on a settee against the wall. The truth was she’d always been searching for a guy who could rock her world, a Dom worthy of her submission. Unlike Connie, she wasn’t afraid of commitment. She just hadn’t found the man strong enough or willing to take her on, at least not on a permanent basis. And those who were the type were either taken or didn’t seem interested beyond the occasional scene.

She’d thought she’d gotten lucky and stumbled across the perfect Dom on New Year’s Eve, but after he damn near fucked her unconscious in a deliciously brazen way—a way she’d never before been taken—he’d vanished without a trace. And she’d been searching club after club for any sight of him ever since.


She turned at the call of her name to see Carl. Decked out in his usual spandex shorts and a leather collar with a silver padlock engraved with the words, Carmen’s Stud, the club’s most notorious slave looked pretty damn hot…for a sub.

“Hey, Carl. Long time no see.” When he pulled her into a hug, she dared to return the quick embrace along with a couple of European pecks on the cheek by way of greeting. As they separated, she asked, “Where’s Mistress Carmen?”

Tara didn’t mind a good flogging, just not when the flogger was wielded by a pissed off dominatrix.

“I expect her to arrive any minute. She had to run some errands.” He grinned as if reading the concern on her face and finding it humorous. “Don’t worry. Amante knows the difference between a greeting of friends and a lover’s embrace.”

“Okay, if you say so.” She didn’t know Carmen all that well, but Tara knew plenty of masters and mistresses who’d flay anyone who so much as brushed up against their property the wrong way. Oh, to be owned…possessed by someone like that!

Caution was always advisable, especially if one was a stray in a fetish club filled with pairings of owners and owned. A frown tugged at her lips. As a stray, she had no one to possess her, protect her, or even care what she did.

“So, how have you been?” she asked in an attempt to redirect her thoughts.

“Good. I was going to ask the same of you. We’ve missed you since the place reopened.” He glanced around the hall. “Most of our regulars have made reappearances.”

She touched his shoulder, a brief pat of appreciation between friends. “I’m sorry to have worried you and Kat…and, well…” She shrugged. What could she say? It was nice to know there were friends who cared enough to miss her.

“And Connie,” he added. “I think she’s asked about you every night this week.”

Tara grinned. “Yeah, I got her voicemail messages. We’ve been playing phone tag for days. Kat said she’s here tonight. Do you know where?”

“Sure. Ty’s on break.” Carl glanced at his wristwatch. “He’s been keeping her entertained over by the new Exhibition Portal, but he should be heading back to man the bar in another few minutes, so you could catch up with her there.”

“The Exhibition Portal?”

Carl grinned. “Master Garrett and his construction crew came up with some amazing concepts for the club’s new design. The portal is one of them. It’s at the far end of the main hall. Sometimes, like now, there’s a stage present. But, when it’s lifted into the rafters overhead, the floor beneath is a thick, clear glass that’s tilted just so—a portal into the exhibition dungeon. Master Enigma’s personal domain.”

Master Enigma? That was new. Before, the club featured a small stage that could be rolled out of the way, but the entire floor was solid hardwood, not a window into a dungeon.

“Who’s Master Enigma? I don’t recall him.” She’d been a member so long, she thought she knew everyone, but a glance around confirmed that several new members had joined in her absence.

Carl’s grin brightened. “That’s what a lot of club strays would like to know.” He gestured toward that end of the main hall, which was decked out with pulley systems overhead and the more traditional bondage paraphernalia to which she was accustomed. “Connie can fill you in. Have fun.”

Curious, she made her way toward the portal and spotted Tyrone before she saw Connie. As she neared, she realized why. Connie was on the floor in front of where Tyrone sat, her forehead bowed low and her bared, rosy red ass in the air. Tara stopped just as Tyrone popped Connie on the butt with an open palm.


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