Soren’s Surrender – Incognito #10

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James Williams’ life isn’t what he thought it would be. In his thirties now, he’s a divorcé who finally admitted he’s gay. As a sub without a Dom, he joins Incognito to find the love of his life—but soon realizes it’s not easy, especially when his life is literally burning down around him.

Soren is big, he’s bad, and he’s had his heart broken one too many times by beautiful men. He spends his time at the club sating his physical needs and ignoring his heart, until sad-eyed James stands up to him and makes him realize he needs more.

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James Williams sat at the bar, nursing his second beer of the night. He took a shallow swig and thought about getting home. He wasn’t sure why he hung out here, anyway. Incognito was a great place, and the price of beer was reasonable—it should be seeing how much he dropped last month for a year’s membership—but it wasn’t doing him much good. He still hadn’t met anyone he clicked with. Anyone that could make him feel the way he wanted to feel.

He turned a bit on the stool and looked across the room to the only man who made him…tingle. Not that Soren had ever paid him any mind. James figured he wasn’t Soren’s type. As usual, a lithe, young male stray slave sat at the table with Soren. James was not lithe, young or a slave. Though he would love for a man like Soren to take the reins and show him what it was like…

Soren looked up from the slave just then and caught James staring at him.

Shit. He swiveled toward the bar and wished he could crawl under it. He might not be a slave, but he knew better than to break cardinal law in this place and openly stare at a Dom. And Soren was one of the biggest, baddest looking Doms in the club.

James took another swig of his beer and let out a slow breath. He should just go home and make sure Pop was okay. He hated leaving his grandfather with a babysitter, but he did need a night out now and then, didn’t he? Deserved one once a week?

Justifying it didn’t take away the guilt. He downed the last, warming swallow from the beer bottle and, ready to take his leave, laid a bill on the bar and nodded at Tyrone.

The beefy bartender returned the gesture then said, “Don’t look now, but here he comes.”

“Who?” James turned and came face-to-face, practically nose-to-nose, with the object of his lust. He swallowed hard and dropped his gaze, as a good sub should do.

“Every Friday night for the past month I’ve see you staring at me,” Soren said, his voice low, gravelly, and sexy as hell.

“Yes, Sir,” James answered, keeping his voice even and strong. He mustn’t show that he was terrified he’d insulted the man. He knew the rules of Incognito and wasn’t sure he was up to a lashing if he’d offended a Dom of Soren’s caliber. James hadn’t realized that Soren had noticed him watching before tonight.

Soren leaned in until his muscled pecs almost touched James’ chest. “Why?”

The man was built better than any Greek god. James stared at the well-formed chest and abs revealed by the open leather vest. His hair, the color of fall wheat, looked silky. He had a tattoo of a red and black dragon on his left arm from shoulder to forearm. His biceps were the size of small trees. His thighs, encased in tight leather pants…

“Answer me,” Soren said, his voice a low growl.

James swallowed. “I’m sorry, Sir, if I offended you. You are…” Beautiful. Amazing. Everything I’ve ever dreamed of. “…hard to resist.”

A shiver scooted up James’ spine at Soren’s soft chuckle. “Come with me.”

When Soren turned and headed down the hallway leading to the voyeur rooms, James’ heart almost leaped from his chest in excitement. In fear. Dear God, was he ready for this? Could he?

Soren stopped and turned back, one eyebrow raised in question. James didn’t hesitate. He’d be a moron to pass up this opportunity. One he’d been fantasizing about since he saw Soren for the first time.

When James reached him, Soren flipped the brass sign to Occupied and pushed open the door to one of Incognito’s many voyeur rooms. He’d only been in a couple, and this one was different. He almost laughed at the absurdity of it set up like a stable with bales of hay and wooden walls.

“Kneel,” Soren said, his tone almost whip-like.

The door shut, and James heard the lock turn. He took another deep breath, turned to face Soren, and dropped to his knees. He bowed his head and folded his hands together behind his back. Thank God for the Internet and everything one can learn there. Certain things were expected on which even Incognito’s long list of rules didn’t expound. Such as how to present oneself to a Dom.

The sound of a zipper rasped in the silence. “Suck my cock,” Soren said.

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