Seducing Olivia – Incognito #1

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Distraught by her ex-fiancé’s criticism of her “controlling personality,” Olivia Chandler retreats to lick her wounds, only to meet a soft-spoken, yet commanding Spaniard. For one night, she lets go and finds ecstasy in his arms.

Dylan Montgomery has spent two years searching for the woman he knew only as Olivia. Now she’s returned to his hotel room, but a case of mistaken identity lands the woman in his twin brother, Ryan’s bed. They hatch a plan to seduce Olivia into a lifelong relationship of the heart, and convince her that she’s the perfect woman…for both of them.


Dylan Montgomery stepped from his limousine and ordered the driver to circle the block. He wanted—needed—to stretch his legs with a walk in the park after spending hours seated at conference tables, haggling with corporate executives and lawyers.

His proposed plan to expand the family business overseas, with a foothold on both coasts of the United States, was coming together. At least the first phase had been successful. It would still be months, if not a year or more, before he saw his dream become a reality.

He removed his tie and tucked it in a pants pocket, then loosened the top two buttons of his shirt. As he strolled along the paved paths, he inhaled the sweet scent of flowers and freshly mowed grass. The greenery of the city park helped him relax despite the constant hum of heavy traffic in the background.

He’d have to call his brother to let him know how things went, but… He glanced at the Rolex Cellini on his wrist and calculated the time adjustment to Eastern Standard Time. Yes, the call could wait.

A stifled sob and sniffle made him glance around to see a petite woman seated on a park bench, her head held in her hands. Her trim, nylon-encased legs led his gaze up from elegant black heels to a hip-hugging skirt that stopped about midthigh. She wore a jewel-toned burgundy blazer to match the skirt, which broadcast her as a woman of sophisticated taste and elegance, despite her current position. Ebony strands of long straight hair hung like a silken curtain about her bowed face.

Perdón, señorita,” he said, pulling a silk handkerchief from his jacket pocket.

She startled and swept her hair aside to peer at him with aqua eyes as alluring as the Mediterranean Sea. For a moment he could do nothing more than stare into her sorrow-filled gaze.

“May I be of some service?” he asked in Spanish.

“No, thank you,” she murmured in slightly accented Spanish.

Her thick lashes lowered to fan across her damp cheeks. She blinked, and another tear trailed down her face.

He lowered himself to the bench beside her and held out the handkerchief.

She studied it for a few seconds then slowly shook her head. “No, thank you,” she repeated, her hands fisted in her lap. She rubbed her thumb over her unadorned left ring finger.

He reclined against the back of the bench and silently watched her, although her hair blocked his view of her face.

“I’m not an icy bitch,” she blurted out, her fists striking her lap.

Surprised by her sudden change to flawless English, he smiled and said, “Of course you aren’t.”

Those aqua eyes widened and turned toward him as if she’d totally forgotten his presence, or hadn’t realized she’d spoken aloud.

Tilting her face with a finger under her chin, he wiped the tears from her cheeks. “You’re a very beautiful woman, and whoever caused these tears is an exceedingly unfortunate and foolish man.”

She caught her bottom lip between her teeth, and another tear slipped from her bottom lash.

“Allow me to introduce myself. I am Dylan Montgomery.”

Her gaze dropped, her lashes again shielding her tempting eyes. “Olivia.”

He let his thumb graze the lush curve of her bottom lip, released her chin, and pocketed his handkerchief. “Olivia, I know this is short notice, but would you do me a kind favor?”

Curiosity shone as she looked up.

“I have reservations at a restaurant, but I dislike eating alone. Would you do me the honor of dining with me?”

She shook her head and glanced away.

“A drink then?”

When she looked up again, her eyes were darker and…suspicious.

“Are you married?” she asked.





He smiled. “No.”

In a move so sudden it pulled him off balance, she grabbed his lapels and roughly pressed her lips to his. By the time he recovered enough to respond, she’d already pushed away with an angry murmur.

“God, I’m sorry. I can’t do anything right. Maybe I am too controlling, but I don’t mean to be.” She didn’t look at him as she continued to ramble. “I don’t want to be. I’m not heartless, you know. I can let go. For once in my life…”

Deciding he’d heard enough, he slipped both hands up to cradle her damp cheeks and turned her face toward him. His lips cut off her self-deprecating chatter in midsentence, his tongue diving inside to claim her honey-sweet mouth.

When her hands started to encircle his neck, he caught her wrists. Her nails scraped over his skin, sending flames of desire scorching through him, before he moved them behind her back and pinned her body against his. He swallowed her moan as he continued the kiss until they were both breathless. His cock throbbed and, surprised by the speed of his own response, he had to pause to regain composure.

His lips hovered over hers as he pulled back just enough to see her closed eyes. He held her wrists gently in one hand, while letting his other fingers lightly stroke the delicate curve of her neck, feeling excitement in her pulse’s heavy, erratic beat.

“If you wish to lose control, mi gatita, I can show you how.”

Her lashes fluttered, unveiling a confused but intrigued haze.

One side of his mouth curved.

“Wh-what do you mean, show me?”

“Let go. Submit. Have you ever played the role of a submissive lover?”

Her look turned to one of uncertainty and skepticism. However, she didn’t try to pull away. “No.” He felt her tremble but couldn’t tell whether it was from fear or arousal. “I don’t know y—”

“Trust is a vital part of such play. The submissive relinquishes control, gaining the freedom to truly feel cherished, desired, and pleasured. The master is really the one bound, as he must adhere to strict rules to ensure his sub’s experience is a memorable one.”

She bit her bottom lip, making him want to suck it into his mouth again. “I don’t know if I can.”

“You already have.” He smiled when her gaze shot to his. “I hold you in my arms, your wrists in my hand. Tell me, Olivia…” He let his fingers slide from her neck to the swell of her breasts barely visible in the V of her blouse. “…how did you feel when I captured them? How do you feel now?”

Her chest rose rapidly as her breath became unsteady. Her pulse pounded under his fingertips, reminding him that despite the blow someone gave her heart, it still beat with a need not unlike his own.

“Excited,” she whispered, as if she thought sirens would sound if she made such an admission aloud. “But a little scared, too.”

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