Rescue Me – To Serve and Protect #4

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An attempt to salvage a failing relationship leaves city girl, Carla Benevito stranded, injured, and lost in the woodlands of Wisconsin. Starving, she struggles for survival even as she gives up all hope of ever finding the man of her dreams.

After years spent conducting search and rescue missions for the Cooper Valley Fire Department, Jamie Roberts is resolved to a life as a bachelor with is partner—his only female companion—a gentle wolfhound named Pixie. But that was before a missing woman stumbles across his campsite…and straight into his heart.

Carla could not sleep. The sunburn kept her skin at the temperature of broil. And between the hard, male body on one side, and the big, bristly furred dog on her other, she didn’t think slumber would ever take over, even though she was exhausted.

The pills Jamie had given her with supper had helped alleviate the pain in her ankle, and the aloe gel he’d rubbed into her shoulders helped the burn.

But, oh, good Lord, when he’d touched her to rub in that stuff… She hurt all over and should not be thinking this way, but she wanted him. Wanted to roll over and straddle those narrow hips, plant her hands against his incredible pecs, and ride him in a way she’d never ridden a man before.

He was big, and strong, and gentle and…and he’d cooked her supper. She was even starting to like the beast he called a dog. He made her laugh. It had been a long time since anyone teased her. Not since her brother died nearly ten years earlier.

His dog even seemed to tease her, seemingly finding it hilarious that it scared the hell out of her.

This man she happened upon in the middle of nowhere treated her better than Jeff ever had, and they’d been together for three years. This man shared his food with a stranger because Jeff had abandoned her out here.

Was Jeff even looking for her? Called out search and rescue? She seriously doubted it. What a total fool she’d been.

Jamie rolled onto his side and threw a heavy arm over her middle. She gasped at the electrical wave of lust that coursed through her at the innocent touch. This was definitely not the time for her libido to kick in. Jeff accused her of being an ice queen, said it took too much effort to get her warmed up. She was warm now. Sizzling hot. And it had nothing to do with her sunburn, either.

She wanted to turn into Jamie and bury her face against his chest. He smelled so good. Masculine. He’d bathed in the stream before bed, and his scent was fresh and piney. Like the woods themselves.

Up close he was nothing short of gorgeous. His eyes were dark, dark green, his skin smooth and deeply tan. She couldn’t figure out his nationality, but she’d bet there was some Native American in him. Maybe East Asian. Whatever it was…

She sighed and tried to shut off her brain.

Pixie snored. Loudly. Right in her ear.

Carla reached out and poked the animal in the side. Pixie raised her head and, though Carla couldn’t see her eyes in the dark confines of the too-small tent, she’d bet the dog glared at her.

At her movement, Jamie’s arm curled around her, his hand splaying wide on her side, sucking all breath from her. Oh, Lord, she’d never survive the night. Why couldn’t he have had his hand in a more productive spot?

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