Hearts In Hiding (Leanne Karella)

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Five years ago, Molly Shlofeld entered the Witness Protection Program after testifying against her father. Working in a downtown Seattle floral shop, she’s built a safe life for herself with a few close friends who’ve taken the place of the family she once possessed.

Pediatrician Dr. Dave Westfield has spent the last eight years, since the car wreck that changed the course of his life, buried in his work. He spends his days at the clinic, and his evenings volunteering at a teen crisis center…hoping to save just one.

When their worlds collide, the attraction is instant…and dangerous.

Unable to stop himself, he let his fingers trail over the silky flesh of her wrists. They weren’t delicate, but then, she wasn’t exactly delicate anywhere. She was perfect. Strong. Long and lush. Short nails with just a hint of green under them tipped her lean fingers, which made him smile. She wore no jewelry of any kind, and on their few meetings, he’d never seen her in makeup. When was the last time he’d met a woman so honest? So pure?


When she looked up and tears sparkled on her auburn eyelashes, he knew he was lost.

“Molly,” he whispered as he leaned toward her. Just one little taste, he told himself. Just a tiny one to get her out of his system so he could get back to the real world. A world where stunning, green-eyed blondes didn’t make him want things he could never have.


“Shh,” he whispered. “I’m going to kiss you.”

Her soft, breathy laugh, scented with apples and spice, was warm against his face. “Please do.”

Her words sent another of those tingly sensations down his spine and directly to his groin. He couldn’t move without major adjustments to his legs, so he tugged on her hands until she all but tumbled against his chest. Her gaze never left his. “You’ve got to be the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” he whispered just a fraction of an inch from lips he’d been fantasizing about for what felt like forever.

Her cheeks tinged pink. A small smile curved her lips. “You’re not so bad looking yourself.”

He chuckled and brought one hand up to cup the back of her head. Her hair was warm and feather-soft. “I’ve been dreaming of this since I saw you in the grocery store.” He memorized her face, knowing he could only give himself this once. This now.

“Me, too,” she said on a soft sigh. And it was Molly who leaned toward him, who pressed her soft, sweet lips against his. She who wrapped her arms around his neck, buried her fingers in his hair, and let out the softest, sweetest little mewling sound he’d ever heard.

He wound his arms around her, crushed her ample chest against his, and devoured her mouth as he’d only dreamt of.

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