Desiring Dixie – Incognito #7

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Dixie is a workaholic who’s just trying to make ends meet when her car dies and a handsome stranger named Bastian comes to her rescue. On a whim, she does something she’s never done before and invites him home for a one-night stand.

When stronger emotions take control, however, she battles with doubts and his tug on her heart. Bastian has avoided relationships outside of Incognito as too risky, yet when a beautiful employee of his father’s company catches his eye, he can’t help but want more… But will she still want him once his true identity is revealed?


Bastian reached into his back pocket, pulled out his wallet, and extracted a business card. “Call me?” he asked, holding the card out to her. “I’d like to see you again.” He winked. “Under less stressful circumstances.”

He was so cute. She reached for the card, but her fingers brushed his, and she stopped. Big, warm fingers. Long fingers. Oh. My goodness.

She didn’t want to say goodnight to him. Not yet. Because, even though he was giving her his card, that didn’t mean he really meant it. He might pretend not to know her. Guys as good looking as him didn’t usually hang around long. She knew. She’d dated a couple.

The bus came to a stop right outside the trailer court where she lived. It wasn’t a real bus stop, but this late at night, the bus drivers usually let her off close to home so she wasn’t walking alone on the darkened street.

“Come in for some coffee?” she blurted out as she stood up and moved past his long legs to the aisle. “Or…something.”

He stood up. “I thought you’d never ask.”

Her heart thudded hard as she turned her back and walked toward the door. He said yes. He said yes. But as soon as the bus pulled away, and she was left standing next to this virtual stranger on a dark street, she seriously doubted herself. He could be some psycho killer.

This wasn’t like her at all. So what if her colleagues thought her sex life sucked? Did it matter that they were right?

When was the last time you threw caution to the wind and had sheet-ripping, steamy-windows sex with a hunk you hardly knew?

“Come on, Dixie. I don’t like you being out here in the dark like this. It’s not safe.” He placed his hand on her lower back and guided her through the falling-down wooden gate to the trailer park.

No, she thought. He couldn’t be a psycho killer. He’d come to her aid when he thought someone was attacking her. He’d fixed her car, or tried to, and he’d been willing to pay for her to take a cab home.

She glanced up at him, and he smiled. His hand at her back was gentle and warm. He was really tall, too, she thought with a dreamy sigh. Not many men towered over her the way he did.

Now, how did she go about subtly hinting that she wanted him in her bed, naked, as soon as possible?


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